For autors

RULES OF article registration FOR AUTHORS

General requirements

1.     General Terms of works accepted for publication in the journal are: relevance, scientific excellence and value in theoretical and / or practical aspects.

2.    At the end of the article should be handwritten signatures of all authors, entirely with the name, first name, postal address, telephone the person responsible for correspondence.

3.    The structure of the original research article should contain the following: introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions, references, illustrations, summaries in Russian and English. Descriptions of clinical cases are made by the general requirements, reviews, lectures, short communications, reviews can have a different structure.

4.    The title page should contain: 1) the names and initials of the authors, 2) the name of the article, 3) full name of the institution where the work was carried out, 4) information about the author (academic degrees and titles, position and place of work), 5) phone and e-mail of the person responsible for correspondence.

5.     Authors’ names and names of institutions have to supply the figures to make it clear who is in which the institution operates.

6.    Getting article issued on the model: the index of articles on the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC); title, the authors, the full name of the institution in which the research was carried out.

For example:

541,123 UDC: 546.21

Phase equilibria

KN Makrushkin1, GD Petrov2

1 Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry

them. Kurnakov Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

2 MSU. Lomonosov

7   Summary in Russian and English languages are on separate pages. The volume of each summary of no more than 1/3 page. In an English CV is required to translate the names and initials of the author, title, full name of the institution.

Technical requirements

1  1.     Technical requirements

2.    All material is printed in two copies in 2 intervals a size 12, with margins of 25 mm on A4 paper. This rule should apply to all sections of the manuscript, including tables and figures. All sections of the paper should be printed on separate sheets. All pages should be numbered.

3.    To the article must be accompanied by a CD with the text of articles are «.doc» or «.rtf», with drawings and photographs.

4.    The maximum size for an article 8-10 pages (excluding the summary, tables, illustrations, bibliography); short communications and letters to the editor — 3-4 pages; lectures, reviews — 15 pages.

5.     The article should be carefully checked by the author: formulas, tables, dosages, quotes signed by the author in the fields.

6.    Each table, drawing printed on a separate page, the top of which is the full name of the article, the names and initials of the authors, the name of the table or figure.

7.     Photomicrographs must be clear, each is on a separate sheet and indicate on the back of the «top» and «bottom», and the number of pictures, names of authors, title micrographs increase, and if necessary — the method of coloring.

8.    Instead radiographs send a clear black-and-white photos on glossy paper, typically the size of 127 × 173 mm.

9.    Each figure should be made on white paper with black ink or in the form of computer printouts.

10.  Charts and drawings printed on laser or inkjet printer with a resolution of at least 600 dpi.

11.   Figures should be submitted on CD in graphical formats TIFF, BMP, JPG. Each figure should be submitted as a separate file entitled Fig1, Fig2, etc. Photos should be sent in 2 copies of the originals. Captions and images must be on a separate page (on a floppy disk in a file marked «Podpisi»)

12.  Scanned line drawings should have a resolution of at least 600 dpi.

13.  Scanned halftone drawings and photographs should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

14.  Quoted literature is given in the form of a list in order of appearance in the text. Not allowed links to unpublished works. The text in square brackets, reference is made to the serial number list.

15.  References should be in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008

16.  At the mention of foreign names in the text in parentheses should be given their original spelling (with the exception of well-known, such as found in the encyclopedia, as well as in cases where these foreign names referenced in the bibliography).

At the mention of foreign educational institutions, companies, branded products, etc. in brackets should be given their names to the original writing.

Not allowed direction of the editorial board of works that have already been published or sent for publication in other editions.

The editors reserve the right to edit articles.

Royalties are not provided. Manuscripts not accepted for publication, the authors will not be returned. Proofreading is not sent to the authors. Sent a reasoned refusal in the publication.

The fee for the publication of a graduate of manuscripts will be charged.

Materials will be mailed to the address of the publisher: 123060 Moscow, Volokolamsk 1-y passage, 15/16, the editors of «surgical practice», tel. (499) 196-18-49, e-mail:


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