Dear colleagues,

I am very glad to introduce you our new scientific journal— " The Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics ".

Traumatology and orthopedics were established at the beginning of the 20th century. It was developed from a branch of general surgery, mainly based on doctor's personal experience and later became a modern high-tech evidence based field of medicine.

The objective of our new journal is to show general tendencies and directions of the development of methodology and techniques in orthopedic surgery. The material is supposed to be based on clinical trials, theoretical and experimental investigations which are used in treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, nowadays in Russia and all over the world. 

I am sure, that one of the most important factors of successful training of orthopedic specialists is a system of continuous professional education. That is why the articles about latest and most relevant teaching methods and academic techniques will be presented at this journal, as well. 

Our new journal was designed for orthopedic and trauma surgeons, teachers, students, resident doctors, PhD students as well as for related medical specialists (e.g. anesthesiologists, physiotherapists, neurosurgeons, etc.).

I believe that all materials presented in our journal will be useful for your practice and research work. I also hope, that you are going to be our subscriber and may be our respondent. 


Kindest regards and best wishes,

Chief editor,

Prof. A. Lychagin

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